Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Melomy's of the Meadows

Welcome to Melomys of the Meadows

There have been many battles fought across the Mediterranean Sea for many hundreds of years.
Human civilizations and empires have changed, so have rulers, the buildings and even beliefs.
But despite all of these changes, I think it can be said that though that there is some amazing dishes that have been developed in the Mediterranean region.
If you have been looking for the food of the gods, here is your chance to try some great dishes at Melomy's of the Meadows.

If you have been looking for a restaurant to go and enjoy some good Mediterranean food, then you really can't miss Melomy's of the Meadows.
Chill out and relax in a child friendly restaurant, and enjoy your 3 course dinner in the romantic atmosphere.
With over 20 years experience and a Sicilian heritage, you can enjoy a huge range of meals including both Mediterranean and Australian Cuisine.
There are mouth watering pizza and pasta dishes. We also offer gluten free and vegetarian options as well.

Melomy's Of The Meadows Restaurant, open from 5pm till late.
Dine in, take away and home delivery.
Bookings are essential.

Call us on 5478 2622

Book through our enquires form on the Contact Us page.

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